Applications & Products

Gas Lift Applications

• Increase production rates in already flowing wells
• Produce wells that will not flow naturally
• Unload or kick-off a well that will later flow naturally
• Prevent liquid loading by changing the flow regime
• Back flow water-injection wells
• Clean up perforations prior to alternate ALS installation


• Operating expenses are relatively low compared to other ALS
• Can be run in wells with high deviation
• Performs well with solids and oil API > 16 deg.
• Simulates most wells’ natural way of producing

Injection Pressure Operated Valve (IPO)


• 100% manufactured and tested in the US
• 3-Ply Monel bellows with SS housing
• Tubing retrievable valves are available in 1 1/2 in, 1.0 in and 5/8
• Tungsten carbide or Monel Seats are available in all port sizes (8/64in -32/64in)
• Standard or sour service

Check Valves

Well Applications

From wells in the beginning stages of liquid loading up to a conventional plunger application. High gas / high liquid to low gas / low liquid wells.


• Tubing retrievable velocity check available in 1-1/2, 1.0, 5/8
• Standard or sour service
• Resilient metal-to-metal seal

Tubing Retrievable Mandrel

The mandrel is fitted with a gas lift valve and installed in the tubing string.


• EP-2 Coating; Baked epoxy finish
• Available in 2-3/8, 2-7/8 and 3-1/2

Additional Gas Lift Accesories

• Pump-out Plugs
• Nipples
• Collars
• Beveled Collars
• Bull Plugs
• Cross-Overs

• Swivel Subs
• Shear Subs
• Sliding Sleeves
• Pup Joints / Perforated Subs
• Ceramic Disk (single or dual)
• Wireline Re-Entry Guides

Epic Lift Systems Specializes in Enhanced Plunger Lift Systems!

We personally design, engineer, and machine our own products which allows us to oversee and ensure quality as well as provide fast, turnkey solutions for even the most unusual or custom applications.