Dual Port Lubricator

Features & Benefits

Our high pressure Dual Port lubricator is universal so you can run any manufac-turer’s plunger for little to no cost of conversion unlike competitors. We have dual ports which allows you to customize...


• Extra wall thickness
• Auto catch port
• Blocked flow ports

High Pressure Bowen Lubricator

Features & Benefits

The Epic high pressure Bowen Lubricator is built to withstand -40 degrees and sour gas environments. This lubricator is fully machined from top to bottom out of 4130 Q & T Steel. It meets or exceeds API 6, PLS 3 and NACE MR0175...

Epic Lift Systems Specializes in Enhanced Plunger Lift Systems!

We personally design, engineer, and machine our own products which allows us to oversee and ensure quality as well as provide fast, turnkey solutions for even the most unusual or custom applications.